First Street

Halfway down Main Street is the right turn to First Street.  After crossing Chalk Creek, you can turn left onto Gunnison Avenue or continue straight to the old School House.

School House

St Elmo School House Outside

School District 12 (1882-1926)
Located at the northwest corner of First Street and North Avenue.  The school house was built in 1882 and is the typical design of the time period.  It still has the original wood stove, chalkboards, & desks.  The entry way of the school is opened during summer months so visitors can get a glimpse into the past thru the glass.

St. Elmo's only public restroom is located in back of the school. 



St Elmo School House Interior







McKinney - Hellman House

Mckinney - Hellman House St. Elmo Colorado

Located on the southeast corner of 1st Street & Gunnison Avenue.  Liveryman G.M. McKinney owned the property from 1882-85.  There was a large livery stable immediately south of the house from 1881 until the early 1900's.

Charles Hellman, proprietor of the Miners Exchange, enlarged the original house for his home when he owned it from 1907-1920. 

The west facing wing originally had a false commercial front that was probably removed in 1907 when the addition was completed.  By the early 1900's all of the commercial activity had moved to main street.

Lloyd - Rovegno House

Northeast corner of 1st St & Gunnison Ave.  Today it is a pile of ruins with some of the roof still intact.  Most likely it faced south with the expectation that Gunnison Avenue would extend east of First Street.  Notable owners included W.P. Lloyd (1881-88) and Martin Kelly & John Rovegno (1888-1929).

Williams - Hurley House

Pile of ruins on the west side of First Street, just south of Chalk Creek.  This east facing cabin was owned by shoemaker Daniel Williams from 1880/81 to 1904.  Saloon-keeper Pat Hurley owned the property from 1904-1929.

View of Chalk Creek from the first street bridge

View of Chalk Creek from the first street bridge

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