Gunnison Avenue

Gunnison Avenue runs east-west on the north side of Chalk Creek.  Today it is better known as the road to Tincup Pass.

Roads Building 1 & 2

Roads Buildings St Elmo Colorado

Located on the south side of Gunnison Avenue.  Both buildings were owned by LM Roads until 1906.  WP Rhodes from 1906-09, Anna Stark 1909-1918, Anthony Stark 1918-57.

Building 2 on the left was built between 1885-1890 as a business and remodeled for residential use around 1918-1920 by Anthony Stark.  Stark removed the false front similar to the one on the right building.

Building 1 on the right was built by LM Roads between 1881-1885 and was rented out by him for almost 25 years.  This is the only commercial building from the 1880's secondary business district on Gunnison Avenue surviving with it's original look intact.

Root - Greenstreet House

Located on the south side of Gunnison Avenue.  Records indicate the home was built sometime between 1881-1885.  Property owners included physician & surgeon AW Root from 1881-83.  Root may have built the house before selling the property to blacksmith David Greenstreet in 1883.  LM Roads owned the property from 1887 to 1903 and added the east side addition around 1900.  The home was owned by the Stark brothers from 1908-57.

Helmer - Savard House

Helmer Savard House - St Elmo Colorado

A little further west, also on the south side of Gunnison Avenue is the Helmer-Savard House.  It was built as a rental home between 1885-88 by real estate dealer Augustas Helmer.  Helmer also served as the local postmaster (1881-1886) and was president of the St. Elmo Land & Improvement Co (1883).
Later owners included Hannah Gill 1888-1890, Peter Savard 1890-1908, & the Stark Bros 1908-1957.

Ennis House

Located on the north side of Gunnison Avenue.  From 1881-1904 the property was owned by saloon keeper J Ennis and his wife.  Their home was constructed between 1885 & 1890.  The Stark Bros owned it from 1908-1952 .

Clark - Wild - Carlen Duplex

Located on the south side of Gunnison Avenue at the corner of Pitkin Avenue.  This duplex was built around 1885.  Property owners include Mayor Daniel Clark 1881-85, Augustas Helmer 1890-91, Peter Wild 1891-1912, and Erick Carlen 1916-1919.

Lowe - Davenport - Ignee House & Barn

South side of Gunnison Avenue just west of the Helmer-Savard House.  It appears to be placed at an odd angle, but the original town plat had it located on the corner of Pitkin Avenue.  Later Pitkin Avenue was formed further west.  Up to 1885 the home was owned by Levi Lowe, an Officer of St. Elmo Land and Improvement Co and co-owner of a saw mill.  It was the home of John Davenport from 1885-1890 and later Nelson Cyr 1895-1900.  From 1910-1939 it was the home of Charlea Ignee.  Ignee was a drayman.  (A dray was a low, flat bed wagon without sides, used to transport goods)

McKinney - Taber House

Mckinney Taber House

Located on the north side of Gunnison Avenue.  From 1881-1886 it was owned by GM McKinney, proprietor of a livery stable.  Saloon keeper AF Hechler lived here from 1886-1890.  Peter Savard owned the property from 1890-1903.  Margaret Taber was owner from 1909-1938.

Root House

Root House St Elmo Colorado

2 cabins joined together in an L shape.  The newer cabin is on the south end.  Principal owners were AW Root 1881-1894 and SL Taber 1910-1940.  In 1910 it was still referred to as "The Root Place".  AW Root was a local physician, surgeon, justice of the peace, magistrate, & druggist. 

Heavrin - Hughes - Pearis House

Heavrin Hughes Pearis House St Elmo CO

Located at the west end of Gunnison Avenue on the north side.  Original cabin is located in the center and was swiftly constructed of available materials.  The addition on the south side was constructed later with lumber from the local sawmills.  A 3rd addition was added to the north & west sides.  Home of James Heavrin 1881-??, Mrs. PE Hughes 1892-1902, and Frank & Minnie Pearis 1913-1919. 

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